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Technovation Girl | Technovation HK Workshop & Consultation 工作坊及諮詢

February 25, 2023 @ 2:00 am 5:00 pm

Idea generation, business model development, presentation & storytelling are 3 essential stages that you need to go through in preparing Technovation Girl and Technovation HK competition. Furthermore, being able to come up with inventive ideas, having the ability to develop and progress those ideas into viable business models and thinking of ways to promote them through captivating presentations will benefit your future studies and career. We prepare 3 interactive workshops for youth of 8 – 18 years old on 25 Feb. Register now to gain hands-on skills!

Besides, our experienced instructors will be here to answer any questions you may have when preparing for the competition, from brainstorming ideas, developing AI or mobile app solutions to preparing presentation materials in the consultation sessions.

創意發想、構思商業模式、準備演講內容是參加 Technovation Girl 和 Technovation HK 比賽需要經歷的3個階段。學會提出創新想法,然後將這些想法轉化為可行的商業模式,並通過引人入勝的演講獲得人們的關注,亦有利未來升學及就業。我們在2 月 25 日為8至18歲青少年準備了三場免費的互動工作坊,歡迎有興趣的中小學生報名請即報名參加。

另外,如你在準備 Technovation Girl 和 Technovation HK 比賽時遇到任何問題,歡迎參加同場舉行的諮詢環節,我們的資深導師將為參賽組別解答構思主題、設計人工智能或手機應用程式方案、準備參加材料等問題。

💡 Workshop 工作坊 | Idea Generation 創新意念
日期 Date:2023.02.25
時間 Time:2-3pm
對象 Target:Youth of 8 – 18 years old 8-18歲學生
語言 Language:Cantonese 廣東話
學習重點 Learning Points

  • Develop an understanding of the creative process and how to use it to generate new ideas
  • Learn how to use brainstorming techniques to generate a wide range of ideas
  • Learn how to use storyboarding to visualize ideas 學習使用故事板來呈現想法

👨🏻‍🏫 Workshop 工作坊 | Presentation & Storytelling 演講及敘事
日期 Date:2023.02.25
時間 Time:3-4pm
對象 Target:Youth of 8 – 18 years old 8-18歲學生
語言 Language:Cantonese廣東話
學習重點 Learning Points

  • Understand the importance of effective communication and presentation skills
  • Develop an understanding of how to use storytelling to engage the audience
  • Develop the ability to use appropriate visual aids to enhance the presentation

📈 Workshop 工作坊 | Business Model 構思商業模式
日期 Date:2023.02.25
時間 Time:4-5pm
對象 Target:Youth of 8 – 18 years old 16-18歲學生
語言 Language:Cantonese 廣東話
學習重點 Learning Points

  • Identify key components of successful business models
  • Assess the viability of a business model in terms of its potential for success
  • Design a business model that is sustainable and profitable

📝 Technovation Girl | Technovation HK Consultation 諮詢
日期 Date:2023.02.25
時間 Time:2-3pm / 3-4pm / 4-5pm
對象 Target:Technovation Girl or Technovation HK Participants 參加Technovation Girl或Technovation HK的參賽者
語言 Language:Cantonese / English 廣東話或英文

4/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street
Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
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