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Webflow Live Coding Session

星展基金會「展現未來」創科青年計劃將於12月18日舉辦Webflow的Live Coding活動,教你由模板開始,輕鬆編輯內容及動畫效果,無需編程知識都可製作響應式網頁!Webflow的內容管理系統方便組織網誌與網上商店等資料,再生成不同版面的內容,最後利用它的託管功能,輕鬆發佈置網站。

Webinar: Adaptation to AI and Automation in the Banking Industry

No code webinar
During the upcoming webinar, Mr. Michael Kwok, Assistant Vice President, Customer Mgt. & Analytics at DBS, will discuss the banking industry's adaptation to AI and automation tools to enhance efficiency. Join us to learn how to stay competitive in the AI era and harness the potential of no-code tools to create simple yet effective digital tools. Don't miss out on this opportunity to upskill and stay ahead of the curve in your industry.